Saturday, 23 February 2013

Thai Soup Shots With Pani Puri @ Poptates Thane

This is an experience worth sharing. Poptates, one of my preferred restaurants to eat at, has introduced a few new dishes (at least at the Thane Korum outlet) one of which appealed to us today: Thai soup shots with pani puri. My lovely company and I agreed to venture into this new territory and it worked out!
The dish is our regular pani puri filled with boiled mashed potatoes, onion, green corriander mint chutney and sev served with hot thai soup in shot glasses.
We all tried eating differently, I ate the pani puri and then drank the soup from the shot glass as the pani puri was in my mouth, one of us ate the pani puri and had a spoonful of the soup with it, and one of us poured the soup in the pani puri in the traditional style and ate it.
Whatever our eating style, we all agreed that the dish was a great experience in both the textures of the crunchiness with the warm smoothness of the soup and the tastes of the tangy pani puri chat with the (a little) spicy flavourful warmth of the soup.
The creator of this interesting fusion can take a bow!