Friday, 5 July 2013

Date A Girl Who Loves To Cook

She'll always have the shortest route to your heart, through your stomach.

Go with her to the supermarket. You might have to spend more than average time at the supermarket but you will see her true joys. Enjoy the twinkle in her eye as she discovers a good ingredient. Listen to her describe the putting together of the new recipe she has thought of after seeing available ingredients. Explore the regular supermarket in a new way through her eyes.

Talk to her about food and see how she is able to relate the basic-most of things to the larger things in life.

Her joy comes from varied sources: from the simplicity of a clear soup to the elegant complexity of a well put-together seven course meal. She knows of the depths and loves of both.

She will make you push your boundaries and start exploring new experiences even in daily monotony of life.

She knows that everything she will try will not always be successful, she knows of failures, she goes through them and yet takes the gamble, happily!

She understands the intricacies of various components such as texture, flavour, taste, look in creating a meal; how all the senses need to be appealed to and appeased. She  understands how small things come together to make a great experience.

She will look to you for suggestions, she will ask for your opinions and listen intently because she wants to share her love of food and the experience with you: you matter! Praise what she has made for you and you will hear her sigh softly, yes you really do matter...

Join her someday in the kitchen, hum along with her as she cooks, ask her questions, give her suggestions; she will welcome them with a lot of joy and a bright smile.

And you'll have the most obvious advantage: one of the most basic necessities of your life will come to you with lots of love... every time...

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