Saturday, 24 August 2013

One Food Experience: Ci Gusta

My friend and I were having one of those great Sundays. We had just been to a play at Prithvi and we decided to have lunch at Bandra. We thought of going to some place near Linking Road so we could get some food and then do some street shopping. And walked into this little gem of a restaurant at the junction of Linking Road and Waterfield Road called Ci Gusta. I have been to this restaurant twice now and I have tried different things from their menu: their pizzas, pastas and crepes. 

The one food experience I would recommend at Ci Gusta is their four chicken pizza or the 'Quatro Al Pollo' pizza. This pizza comes with four chicken toppings: pesto chicken, chicken sausages, hot pepper chicken and barbeque chicken in a tangy tomato sauce with the right amount of melted mozzarella on top. Unlike what we commonly see in India, all four toppings are not put all over the pizza leading to a jumble of flavours. Rather there were two slices each of one kind of topping. This made each topping the star of its own slices and we had four varieties of pizza in one! 

Ci Gusta's Quatro Al Pollo