Saturday, 28 July 2012

Misal Pav - Aadhi Potoba

I have a love-love relationship with misal pav... I mean what's there not to like? Soft pavs dipped in a spicy gravy followed by a spoonful of the pulses and farsaan... Heaven!

And I had to share this because I think I have the second best misal of my life... At Adhi Potoba.

Adhi Potoba (literally the stomach first) is a small unpretentious restaurant bang opposite the main gate of the Mumbai University Kalina campus. Its speciality ad its 'tag line' gharchi aathvan (memories of home) suggests is home style Maharashtrian food. Pithla- bhakri, masale bhaath - alu bhaaji, khichi kadhi papad, varan bhaath toop, shikran poli to ne a few. The best part is its quite brilliant on a college student's budget and the food isn't too spicy or oily.

So was with the misal pav... not too much pf tarri (oily layer floating on top of the gravy). This little dish of delight, with quantity enough for two like me, was built up with matar and matki usal with pohe and batata vada stuffing and of course farsan, onions and tomotoes with a side of freshest pavs I've had in a restaurant and a wedge of lemon for that extra

It also serves other cuisines such as dosas, punjabi food, chinese food which is also very well cooked - my foodie friend had a rawa sada dosa which was totally thumbs up!

So if you are near Kalina (or not) and are looking for good food on a budget, do visit Aadhi Potoba, and if you try the misal pav... do tell me!