Friday, 13 July 2012

Food Fun

For me food is about fun, if you can't enjoy the experience (cooking, eating, anything related to food!), you just can't say you like it! So I thought why not a fun post on food?!

So the other day I was thinking of free association as a technique (Psychology student and not a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai fan!) and was thinking what are the first words I would think of if given these words:

   Food: Love

Yep, for me food is all about love! It takes just one ingredient to make a good recipe great! And it takes a lot of love for anyone to make great recipes everyday for the important people in their life. And yes, if I have cooked for you, then I love you!

Spice: Cinnamon

One of my most favourite spices. It enhances the flavours of sweet as well as spicy food!

Beverage: Tea

No second guesses on this one!

Kitchen: Moti (my grandmother)

All my images, understanding, memories, learnings, of a kitchen come from my granny, who introduced me to this magical world where some alchemy turns raw grains, different colourful powders (spices), vegetables into wonderful dishes that everyone eats with such love.

Salt: Pepper

The classic and the basic combination!

Dessert: Fruits

The one type of dessert I can ALWAYS have. Sometimes it can be an entire meal for me! :-)

Cooking: Creativity

I don't think anyone ever cooks the same recipe the same way twice (unless you're the clinical Macdonald's or other such food chain!)

A fun post for all the wonderful fun food brings into life.