Friday, 3 May 2013

Aloo Parathas

Very few things can be compared to the joy of licking dripping golden butter off a hot paratha. My favourite kind of parathas are the very simple and very humble aloo parathas.

I have always wanted to have the typical maa ke haath ka parathas made by a Punjabi mom (if you've never had one of these, put it on your bucket list!). I finally got this opportunity very recently this Tuesday when one of my neighbours' mother came down for a visit from Delhi. My only food request to her was the regular everyday aloo paratha and not any of the other elaborate dishes she offered to lovingly cook for me.  

So I had these awesome parathas and I managed to get the recipe too.... it was a double whammy for me! Today I tried them out and they turned out to be almost as good as those I just had on Tuesday...

Aloo Parathas 


For the dough

3 cups of whole wheat flour
A pinch or two of salt
Water to knead the dough

For the filling

5-6 potatoes boiled and mashed
1 medium onion finely chopped
8-10 stalks of fresh corriander finely chopped 
Salt to taste
2-3 tsps chilly powder
2-3 tsps garam masala
1-2 tsps amchur powder

Oil to shallow fry the parathas

For the dough, add the salt to the wheat flour and knead it by slowly adding small quantities of water till it forms a firm yet slightly elastic dough. Let it rest for half hour.  

For the filling, mix together the potatoes, onion, corriander, and add the salt and the masalas and mix well. Taste a little bit of the filling to check for the flavour of the masalas in the filling. If you feel masalas are just right or less, add in some more as there will be a paratha covering too.

The aloo filling for the parathas

To make the parathas, first roll out the dough into half a roti, put in a small sized ball of the filling in the middle, cover it up with the edges of the roti and roll out to a paratha.

Shallow fry on a tawa with a little oil on both sides.

The aloo paratha fresh off the stove

Serve hot with chutney, ketchup, pickles, curd or simply a dollop of butter. I had mine today with aamras!

Aloo paratha- aamras my meal today!


  1. Beautiful pics! Am sure this was yummy.

    1. Thank you Madhu... yes it was polished off very quickly!! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Jahid! I hope your watering mouth finds these parathas soon!