Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Filter Coffee

I have always loved filter coffee. There is no comparison to its aroma, perfect amount of slight milkiness and 'just-about' sweetness. And who can forget the fun of pouring it from one tumbler to another to make it all frothy! Filter coffee experience is just incomplete without it! Whenever I go to an udipi or the Banana Leaf, I always order one, whatever the time of the day.

Much as I love filter coffee, I have never tried it at home. Yesterday, I saw (rather was led to it by its aroma) a packet of filter coffee grinds from a local Matunga shop at the small grocery shop near my house and I picked it up. Because of the beautiful fragrance coming from it, I thought it's definitely worth a try!
Today morning I finally tried my hand at making filter coffee and I managed to nail it! To keep the theme going, I also made upma with it for breakfast and had a great headstart today!

Filter Coffee

3 tsps filter coffee grinds
1/4 cup water
3/4 cup milk
Sugar to taste


Bring the water to a boil. Take the coffee grinds on a chhalni and put it on your serving cup or mug or steel tumbler. Slowly pour the boiled water in a very thin trickle over it. Traditionally this is done through a brass filter, but I do not have one, so I adapted the method and used a common everyday chhalni definitely found in all kitchens. Please see picture below.

The aroma of a great morning: filter coffee grinds!

Boil the milk in a separate container and add it into the coffee. Add in the sugar.

Take another tumbler or mug and pour the coffee from one to another from a height of about 1/2 a foot to 1 foot in a trickle. Do this till the sugar dissolves and the coffee has a layer of froth on top.

Serve piping hot!

Filter coffee and upma

P.S. This coffee needs real filter coffee grinds that are 100% coffee beans. Instant coffee powders have only 70% coffee beans and the rest are chicory beans. You can easily buy filter coffee grinds in Matunga (Central suburb) near kabootarkhana if you're in Mumbai. At a lot of places otherwise local tea-only shops also carry at least two varieties of filter coffee grinds.

P.S. 2: I have submitted the picture "The aroma of a great morning: filter coffee grinds!" for the The Colour Me Photography Challenge Series  for the September Colour Me Brown Challenge.