Saturday, 16 August 2014

Singapore Food Adventures: Korean Barbecue

Barbecues have always appealed to me. The smoky charcoal and the red hot grill, the skewered vegetables and meats, the sizzling sounds of the grilling and roasting, and the spicy sauces create an experience that is unparalleled!

Korean Barbecue at Singapore

Since barbecues fascinate me and I like trying out different cuisines, how could I have missed this?

The basics of Korean barbecue are the same as we know of barbecue to be. There are different skewered and marinated meats which are then grilled on an electric barbecue (I am guessing fire safety in the mall). Then it is slathered with a sweet and sour barbecue sauce with hints of paprika and cumin and a pungent chilly sauce. She asked me before putting on the chilly sauce as it is "spicy" but the Indian palate could easily go: bring on some more spice!

I was happy to see was that there were two or three vegetarian options, which to most Indian tourists abroad is like hitting jackpot!

Where to find Korean Barbecue?  I came across this stall serving Korean barbecue at the food court in the Bugis Plus Mall. 

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