Thursday, 7 August 2014

Singapore Food Adventures: An Overview

Hello dear readers. I know I have been MIA last month, but I have good reasons for it. I have been on a relaxed vacation where I have really skipped even looking at my blog. 

This July I was taking my first international holiday in Singapore. I was hosted by my lovely to-be sister-in-law and her husband at their beautiful home and my fiance was able to join me the last two weeks of the trip! My fiance's best friend and his family are also in Singapore making it a great tourist and family vacation.

If you've been in touch with my Facebook page you'll have read of the food adventures I've been having there. How could the foodie in me miss out on all the variety of tasty food available.

 Here is a snapshot of all the great food memories I've carried back with me!

This past month I've had breakfast like a local, eaten authentic Thai food, sampled Korean barbecue at a stall in the mall, had three Vietnamese cuisine dinners, fallen in love with Indonesian bamboo cakes (that require a certificate of skill), had Swedish meatballs at IKEA, celebrated tai's birthday with Greek food, finally had authentic Mexican food, devoured burgers from American burger chains, dipped my toes in the ocean of Japanese food and celebrated my love for Turkish food (phew!). 

I will be writing about these over the next few posts, so watch out for them.