Thursday, 5 September 2013

One Food Experience: Theobroma

Theobroma's is a bakery and patisserie with branches in Colaba, Peddar Road, Powai and Bandra. I believe they make the best desserts in this corner of the country. They have the most delectable pastries, danishes, croissants and macaroons. The one food experience I would strongly urge you to have at Theobroma's is their Tiramisu.

Tiramisu is a rich creamy Italian dessert having layers of pastry/ or ladyfingers biscuits (traditional version) with mascarpone cheese, whipped egg yolks and cocoa.

Tiramisu of Theobroma's

The first thing you will notice about this tiramisu is how easily the spoon cuts through all the layers, like a knife through molten butter.

All the lovely layers of the Tiramisu

And when you start eating it, there is coffee, there is cocoa and rich creamy textures of the cheese. It is a delight with every mouthful, that makes you want to go "Oh!". No wonder Theobroma's (literally food for the Gods) is so aptly named! Kainaz Messman, take a bow! 

A cup of Tiramisu costs Rs 90 (without service taxes) and is worth every penny, and then some more...